Assertive approach to copyright violation

deb-el-lation has formed to strategically support the rights-holder industry.

We focus on combating non-compliant DMCA violators.

Our service is driven by a commitment to exceed expectations and to over-deliver, on-time, every time.


Yes, we can permanently shutdown live streaming operators.  Contact us to learn more.

Yes, of course.  Our team includes hosting industry experts whom understand the technical aspects of file sharing web sites.

We can expose and target service providers, such as hosting companies, using proprietary know-how.

We combine repurposed intelligence tradecraft and tools, with an expert understanding of how violators operate, to expose vulnerabilities which can be exploited to negatively impact their business continuity.



IT Turnaround

dmca enforcement

Permanent Shutdowns

legal case support

Intel & Investigations

Interested in our take-down, stay-down, and permanent shut-down service?


Emerging Technology

The intelligent and agile integration of emerging technology creates future proof business models.

Project Management

Applied intelligence shapes the models for our clients, and reduces the time to implementation.

Big Data

Experts in Data Governance, Master Data Management, Compliance, and AI+ machine learning & data mining.

Security and Response

Experts in the most advanced Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) and human behavior monitoring systems.

Intel & Investigations

Experienced in Signal Intelligence, cyber-investigations, evidence collection, and analysis.

innovative services for the Rightsholder Industry