Cyber Intelligence and Investigation SupportUsing repurposed special capabilities, we provide actionable insight for the Rightsholder Industry.

Led by intelligence, our mission is to transform the strategies and methods used to combat DMCA and Tradmark violations.

Our intelligence and investigation services equip law firms with actionable strategies, information, and the support to comprehensively disrupt non-compliant violation activities.

We expose the perpetrators, their infrastructures, and we quantify the violations.

Case Work

The lack of effective cyber intelligence is responsible for the impasses faced by the law firms and agencies that are engaged in DMCA and Trademark enforcement.

We provide this missing element.  Our expertise in hosting operations is combined with open and closed sources of intelligence to transform the effectiveness and deliver precision targets for enforcement activities.

Our case work packages are effective against:

  • Non-compliant web sites
  • Notorious service providers
  • Other actors involved in monetizing DMCA infringement


Our team of team of multi-disciplinary experts aggregates and analyzes open and closed source data to create a bespoke intelligence product, which provides a vertical assessment of DMCA and Trademark infringement activities, and is uniquely tailored to increase its effectiveness and value for each client and use case.

  • Discover innovations in technology
  • Chart emerging trends and practices
  • Monitor jurisdictional challenges
  • Create effective, change-related strategies



Data Analysis

We create, source, aggregate, and analyze data streams  to provide a clear analysis of infringement activities.

Human Identity

We un-mask the hidden human identities responsible for operating target web sites and the businesses involved in supporting violators.

Physical Location

We provide the active, real-time physical locations for the human actors and infrastructures responsible for violations.

Banking - Financial

We can provide the gateways, payment processors, and bank details for organizations that participate in infringement activities.

Other advanced special capabilities are available, but may be restricted to Law Enforcement Organizations.

intelligence services for the Rightsholder Industry