permanent shutdown

We focus on the hard to reach, non-compliant, and notorious DMCA and Trademark violators.

Leveraging our expertise in hosting, project management, intelligence, and cyber investigations, we are able to completely un-mask violator identities, expose their entire operation, create effective shutdown strategies, and coordinate joint efforts.

Our assertive action plans are designed to comprehensively and continually interrupt every aspect of a violator’s business.

A typical shutdown campaign will consist of the following phases:

  • 1


    Utilize repurposed intelligence tools and techniques to un-mask human identities, reveal physical locations, expose hidden infrastructure, and catalog vulnerabilities.

  • 2


    Create a comprehensive strategy that simultaneously and continually disrupts the violator’s ability to react and operate.

  • 3


    Support the law firms that are engaged in our shutdown campaign.

  • 4


    Provide continual change support throughout the campaign.

  • 5


    After action report to Rightsholder and continual campaign optimization.

violators we target

Link Sites

Movie, music, and ebook type sites which link to offsite content.

File Sharing Sites

File upload and sharing sites, primarily those which are established for the purpose of video hosting.


Any torrent index site, trackers, and the service providers which facilitate their operations.

Fakes - Brand Infringement

Replica stores and phishing sites which misrepresent their identity or products and infringe on brands and trademarks.

Notorious Service Providers

Offshore hosting, network, and proxy providers which do not comply with DMCA take-down requests.

Advertising Platforms

The advertising platforms which specifically service infringing web sites and monetize DMCA violations.

reasons to choose us


Adaptable to unique projects,  we overcome preconceived barriers.

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Our service permanently ends infringement.

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We exceed expectations and over-deliver, on-time, every time.

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shutdown campaign deliverables

Campaign deliverables can be customized to meet Rightsholder objectives and differ slightly based on the violator being targeted.  The overall goal for any campaign is to permanently end the violations, and our deliverables are scaled in detail and complexity to meet this purpose.  Typically, a campaign will include:

Complete Infrastructure

We expose and document every server, IP address, and location used to host the violators operations.

Upstream Providers

We catalog the service providers, including hosting companies, network providers, and CDN and proxy services.

Personal Info

We un-mask the real human identities of the violators.


Accurate, up-to-date physical locations, including human and infrastructure.

Shutdown Plan

Enforcement strategy built upon the intelligence we gathered.

Demand Templates

Advise, customize, or produce the demand letters used by law firms.

Project Management

Start to finish coordination and management of the shutdown campaign.


We increase the pressure until the Rightsholder’s objectives are met.

enforcement services for the Rightsholder Industry