IT Turnaround

The pace at which our digital world evolves is increasing ever faster.  To compete in this era, the business strategies for both small and large companies have become increasingly reliant on the successful use of Information technology.

Our deep understanding of the technology available today, and the emerging tech of tomorrow, is used to shape strategy for our clients to obtain an immediate competitive edge and achieve significantly better business outcomes.

deb-el-lation – we help companies assess their use of technology and identify new directions which utilizes the talents of their team and resources most productively.

We help companies pivot into future-proof models.

Fast-track to Innovation

  • Introduction
  • Deep Learning
  • Design
  • Implementation

By leveraging technology, we help businesses effectively transform their models into profitable services and revenue producing assets.

Our Approach

We start with a commitment to deep learn our client’s requirements, objectives, goals, and constraints, which is then used to form a governing decision matrix.  Our team identifies matching technology and methodologies, ranging from the most prevalent to the bleeding edge.  Our deliverables are guided by facts, not opinions or preferences.

  • Future-proof performance
  • Distributed computing resources
  • Scalable design
  • Security by design
  • Reduced time to implementation or market

Tailored services to modernize the Rightsholder Industry

Working as your dedicated innovation advisors, our team can quickly identify the shortest-best path that leads to improved results and the increased success of your business activities.

Specializing in hard to reach, non-compliant infringement violators, our team has the know-how and experience to permanently shutdown web sites, advertising platforms, and notorious service providers.

Using graph databases and AI+ machine learning, we can aggregate and analyze your data feeds to expose previously undiscovered trends and relationships.

Using repurposed intelligence tools and techniques, we can unmask system infrastructure and uncover human identities.

Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) are AI+ enabled logging and analysis systems which can be implemented to detect anomalous user behavior and prevent media and file leaks.

From Alexa Top 100 web sites to back office business servers for law firms, our DevOps and sysadmin teams can modernize the way you host and do business.  With decades of data center operations experience, our expertise extends beyond hypervisors, orchestration, and virtual networking.

How can we help you?

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infrastructure services for the Rightsholder Industry